My name is Murdock MacGregor – “Mac” to my family and friends

And I am dedicated to growing BOX HOUSE for the rest of my life

I have been an entrepreneur all my working life – much of it in construction, real estate, and manufacturing. But when asked some months ago what I would like to do with the rest of my life, I replied, "I'd like to build very low-cost, basic housing for people living at the base of the human pyramid."

BOX HOUSE resonates with people

During discussions with friends, I was astounded by their reactions to the BOX HOUSE concept. They became excited and questions flew along with offers of help, introductions, and assistance. One friend arranged a meeting with a man who ran one of the largest leasing companies of steel shipping containers in the world. During our conversation, my theories about the container business were proven to be correct. Briefly, I found out that we stood an excellent chance of procuring containers in Third World ports near target populations for little to nothing. This was a key learning and critical to making my vision a reality.

Further research identified Bangladesh as an early target market

The biggest test of my idea was with an old friend, Dr. Paul Polak, one of the world's leading social entrepreneurs. Paul is credited by the U.N. with lifting more than 15 million farmers in South Asia out of poverty through his company IDE. Paul is tough, very smart, an innovative thinker, and capable of very deep drill analysis. We talked for over two hours and the net was that he thought the idea exciting and viable. He recommended an initial location: Chittagong, Bangladesh. This was to be our pilot project.

Then, the tremendous human tragedy in Haiti changed our thinking overnight

Please see our program for Haiti here. After Haiti, BOX HOUSE will resume plans to take the project throughout the Third World…providing shelter, viable assets and creating jobs wherever we go.

I am reaching out to all of you who want to join in this humanitarian effort

BOX HOUSE must raise funds to start the pilot in Haiti. Our task has been exacerbated by the huge rise in the cost of containers. We must generate large scale interest in our part of the solution to housing in Haiti. The pilot conversions can do that and when they do, we can expect help from the large container owners.

Introductions to government organizations, NGO’s and people who can help or may want to contribute are very welcome. Networking, publicity and media contacts are also important. If you wish to help, please contact me: